Tuesday, November 01, 2011

The Way You Love Me

I know I’m busy, Lord. But I wan to have private time with You. Where tehere will be only You and me.

I love the way You teach me, Lord. How You try to make me understand there is nothing more important in this world than Love.

I love the way You teach me to give the best effort, not give up to every problem. Trust to Your heart and believe there’s always miracle in my life.

I know that You love me so much when You showed me a bad situation which make me frustration. But in the same time You told me everything about Your plan. About why and how…

You make me wiser and wiser..

You teach me to trust people but in the same time You teach me to not too depend on people.

You teach me to love but in the same time You teach me to release everyone whom I love.

You teach me when is the time to go,

When is the time to stay..

When is the time to say something..

When is the time to say nothing…

You lead my way..

Even my paths are wrong, You bring me back to Your path.

How great You are, Lord. How great Your love to me…

There is no teacher like You. There is no one can do like You’ve done to me. And now, I’m here, Lord trying to fight my ego..I want come back to You..Only You, Lord.

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