Ga ada judulnya. Dapet copas dari murid

my friend says
If you're my friend do this
If you're my friend do thatnd
I think
is this the right way to treat someone?

I'm sure you know the answer

Friendship should be pure
Friendship should be peace
Friendship should be hope
Friendship should be =)

I'm not a doll
I'm not a statue
Or even the dead ones
I am here
I have ears to listen
I have eyes to see
and I have heart

Look into my eyes
Tell me

Will you be there
when I need you?
Will you run to me
When I scream your name?
Who am I to you?

But there's this Man
Who sacrifice His life
Even for those who hate Him
He is there for me
When I need him
or even when I ignore Him
He is Jesus

In Him I found the purpose of my life
In Him I found peace
But I think
The most important thing
He is the reason
The way I am here now