Marriage Is Not For Everyone

Gue ngga salah judul, Guys. Marriage IS NOT for everyone. Pernikahan itu bukan utk setiap orang. Gue baru sadar ini beberapa menit yang lalu …

Sometimes marriage can cost you dearly … yup. Sometimes it’s really cost you dearly … The price that you must pay is high.

So, before you get married, please make sure that you want to pay the price. Marriage is not for everyone. If you don’t want to adapt with another person, marriage will be a hard camp for you. If you don’t want to adjust your body clock, switch your sleeping time, marriage can make you miserable … If you want to be free, marriage sometimes can make you lost your freedom.

Before a girl gets married, for her marriage is like a dream come true. After she got married, she will find that marriage is a calling. A calling to die everyday. To lay down her life for someone else. Even when the other person hurts you badly … :p

That’s why I’m 1000% agree with this statement.

If you want to serve Jesus freely, don’t get married. But if you want to become like Jesus, get married.

Yup, pernikahan itu salah satu sekolah karakter yang paling bagus. :p Coz your true love, your soulmate en apapun itu namanya, is the one that will bring out the best in you, and he/she is also the one that will bring out all the worst in you. :p Cuman dengan begitu, Tuhan bisa memproses kita habis-habisan. Ketika semua yang jelek di dalam diri kita di bawah keluar en kita menyadari, betapa kita sangat memerlukan Dia di dalam pernikahan kita.

So, kalo kalian ngga mau keluar yg jelek-jeleknya, marriage may not suitable for you :p

Btw sorry, guys, ini notes tidak semanis biasanya. :p Tapi kadang tomorrow’s hope ditemukan dalam abu kesedihan hari ini. :)

Sumber: Dari temen :p