Every One’s a Shining Star

Every One’s a Shining Star
(Tunas Muda’s School Song)

Proud are we to be

In sekolah Tunas Muda

Where we strive to learn wholeheartedly

Of the world both near and far

Courage is the key

We dare to open every door

We shall ask and seek the answers

And never tire to learn much more


To be the best that we can be

Reach further that the sea

As we nurture growth together

The seeds of victory

For everyone’s a shining star

No matter where we are

We’ll achieve the most

out of every post in life

At Sekolah Tunas Muda

Pride is in our hearts

We hold the nation in our hands

We embrace the folds of humankind

And the speech of other lands

Leaders with a soul

For we proclaim humility

Our respect for all is foremost

For we are one big family


Not a scale to weigh our wisdom

Not a rope to scale our dream

Not a fence to mark the boundaries

Of our wolrd